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At MPR MOTORS our premier goal is that you have a seamless purchasing experience. We understand that purchasing a vehicle located in Canada can be perceived as a complicating factor because of the requirements to export the vehicle out of Canada and import it to the US. We can handle all the paperwork for you. We work with reputable experts who export and import cars between Canada and the US. We will need your cooperation to provide some information and to sign a few documents but it will be a very simple process from your end. We will insure proper coordination between you, us and our experts. This is our responsibility. There is a cost to this but recognizing that you have a choice to buy in the US and not have to deal with this we are prepared to absorb a portion. We will also coordinate export to other countries.

The good news is that we accept payment in US dollars. No need to change currency or have a complicated banking process. Also as you can appreciate because the Canadian dollar is valued well below the US dollar these days you get the benefit of buying with a stronger currency and the corresponding discount. Our prices are quoted in Canadian dollars and we have a currency conversion feature that lets you get an idea of the US dollar equivalent. Exact US dollar equivalent will be determined on the conclusion of the transaction.

We will assist for transport of the cars to their new homes. We can also consider delivery within a reasonable distance of our location.

We offer similar services for international buyers. We will take an active role in getting the car out of Canada and into your home jurisdiction. We will also help you deal with transportation. You will not be left to deal with these important considerations by yourself from a distance.

Obviously we will provide any transportation assistance and consider delivery possibilities for Canadian buyers as well.