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We first started as enthusiasts buying MOPARs as a hobby and trying our hand at drag racing, an enthusiasm that evolved into a desire to buy and sell to get deeper into the culture in a different way.

We buy and sell MOPARs only and this venture is based first and foremost on our love for MOPAR cars.

Our model is to source and buy cars mainly from individuals or at auctions.

Our goal is to build and maintain a diversified inventory to meet the expectations of the MOPAR community from solid drivers to more collectable cars. From original to performance enhanced.

We will also list from time to time projects that we are working on and drag cars.

As a rule we own all the cars that we have for sale. We prefer it this way because we can make sure that each of them works properly so that the new owner can (if so inclined) drive his or her car with peace of mind. Obviously these are forty year old cars so things happen but when we sell a car we know that it is in excellent running order and can be driven at will. All our cars (other than those purchased locally) have to pass a 100 points government inspection before we can title them.

An important part of this approach is to know the right people. We were fortunate enough to meet a fantastic MOPAR only mechanic guru. He can fix or rebuild anything that is MOPAR. He has worked on these cars all his life and knows them inside out. The work is done patiently and without hurry so that the result is invariably beyond our expectations.

As needed we will improve the cars.

For example the 1970 Super Bee 6 pack was well on its way when we bought it but its owner was working on many cars at the same time and never got around finishing it. We changed the wheels to steelies, changed the wood-grain dash, redid the gauges, changed the clutch and flywheel, fixed the electrical, adjusted brakes, tuned the 6 pack, timing etc. You get the gist.

The 68 burgundy GTX we found to be a very solid car but it had an older re-spray for paint that had not held up well. Therefore we had it painted after stripping it down to metal.

We truly don’t aspire to make a quick buck on these cars. Ours is a long term venture where we hope to become a small hub on the hobby wheel, a point of interest for MOPAR lovers. Obviously MPR MOTORS is not a charity but a buy and sell at a fair price – so that everybody wins- or buy and wait because some of these cars will go up in value if the right amount of patience is applied to the right investment.

But we are starting out and first and foremost we want to do what it takes to earn the trust and respect of MOPAR buyers, sellers and people who are into MOPARS.

If you are from outside Canada please check out our BUYING FROM US page where we explain how we can export cars from Canada to the US or elsewhere for you and also how we can accommodate payment in US dollars.